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So far, they have produced two album record. The first, “Trois francs six sous”, from 2002, was already very swing but the second, Bastringue, with fewer references to Gypsy music and “Django ”, groups twelve of their own compositions, taking us back to the French songs of the 1940s with pleasure and humour.

When we hear them in the flesh, however, we feel that their real passion is live performance; they truly let themselves go, creating an off-the-wall atmosphere which we don't want to end. So their current project is to make a DVD. We can't wait!

If they come to your area, don't miss them!!!


Nicolas MOREAU : A self-taught guitarist who plays by ear, composes and sings.

Mickaël TALBOT (dit "Fouine") : (known as "Fouine") : Guitarist and singer, the youngest of the band. Music theory is not his thing !

Tony RIBO (dit "Raoul") : (known as "Raoul") : Guitarist as well playing tenor banjo and mandolin.

Sébastien GIRARD : Double-bassist , he has tried everything, Rock, Funk, jazz ... and even the conservatoire !

Kim DAN LE OC MACH : Violinist and oldest member. You can feel his classical training but what a joy to see him let himself go and have fun with swing.


Listen an extract :


Du Tango Sous mes Bretelles


Visit their website : www.opatsupa.com

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